You Gotta Be Kitten Me! is a fast and fun party game featuring adorable animals with accessories! Try and guess what cards are in play as you either raise the bid or challenge another player. Be careful, if you're wrong, you lose a card! The last player with cards remaining wins. Bluff your way to victory in this cute, but cutthroat game!

How To Play

Starting The Game

Randomly choose a player to be the first Dealer. The Dealer shuffles the deck and deals five face-down cards to all players. If playing with seven or more players, deal three cards to each player instead.

Players must keep their cards secret from other players. Place the remaining cards in the deck face-down in the center of the play area.

Round Structure

Step 1: Opening Bid

After dealing the appropriate quantity of cards to each player, the Dealer makes the opening Bid. Bid by choosing any quantity of either an Accessory (Hat, Bow Tie, Glasses) OR a Color (Blue, Red, Green). Play continues in the clockwise direction.

Step 2: Taking Turns

Players take turns by choosing to increase the Bid or issue a Challenge. Turns are taken until a player chooses to issue a Challenge on the previous player's Bid. The loser of the Challenge loses a card. Only the current player can Bid or Challenge.

Step 3: Ending The Round

At the end of each round, the player who lost a card becomes the Dealer for the next round. The Dealer collects ALL of the cards, shuffles them together and then deals the appropriate quantity of remaining cards to each player.

Player Elimination

When a player loses their last card, they are eliminated. The player to their left becomes the Dealer for the next round.

Winning The Game

When there is only one player left with cards in their hand, that player is declared the winner.

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